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I Alyssa Lancaster offer a unique approach to creative content production. Bringing a diverse skillset in photography, business, and fashion, insuring each project is executed to the highest form. I am an imaginative driven artist who has a proven understanding of the fashion and beauty industry. With a highly emotional approach, part of my soul is portrayed through every image I capture, allowing it to have an impact on its targeted audience. As a women in the industry, I am passionate about diversity, and body positivity. I strongly believe that there is power in diversity; being able to capture and share all forms of beauty is a top priority, and is something I actively seek in those whom I work with. 


Alice and Olivia/ Fairmount Hotel / V Beauty Brand/ Permission/ Lisa Gozlan/ Cassandra Elizabeth / NYFW/ MFW / Dan Dwir / Cool To Connect/ Radford Beauty/

And many more....

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